How To Fund Alternative Treatments

How To Fund Alternative Cancer Treatments




This option is obviously the best and easiest, but we know that not everyone has this option available.


Withdraw From A 401k or IRA  Retirement Fund, Penalty Free


It is possible to withdraw from you Pension plan , 401K, IRA and other investments penalty free for medical reasons. We suggest you contact your investment company, financial advisor, or HR department for advice and IRS rules.


Unsecured Personal Loans


These types of loans are probably the best and simplest method for getting a loan to pay for treatments fast. The loans are typically unsecured which makes them easily obtainable. They do come with higher interest rates to protect themselves from the risk since the rate of default is higher with unsecured loans. Here are a couple providers to get you started. You might also check with your local bank or credit union.

Lending Tree

Lending Club


Credit Cards


Credit Cards are another option to get treatment now and pay later.



We found a great article from nerd wallet that educates you on the risks of medical credit cards, please take a read here.


Borrow Against Your Life Insurance Policy


In some cases, you can borrow against your Life Insurance policy. Cick here to learn how to do this from WikiHow.




Fundraising is another method for raising the required funds, however in our experience, it is very difficult to raise the appropriate funds in a short amount of time.  If  you decide to try this route, we recommend using the free fundraising site for humanitarian causes YouCaring.com.




In the United States, a person can accept a cash gift for any amount without tax consequences, as long as the gift is used for Medical purposes (IRS.gov). (If you’re outside of the US, we recommend that you check your own applicable tax laws.)


Re-Finance Your House

In some cases, there could be equity in your home that you could borrow and pay for your treatments with. This is a long process and not the fastest solution.


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