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Doctor Jeffrey Hooper M.D. grew up in Los Angeles. At age 21, Hooper was lauded as a biochemist at University of California, Davis. Later, He worked as a chemist for FMC Corporation before earning his Medical Degree from Vanderbilt University.


Dr. Hooper practiced General Medicine for 20 years in North Carolina. In 2011, Dr. Hooper “saw the light.” He learned of Natural Treatments. He asked himself “who is benefiting from the conventional medical model?” His Answer: the Pharmaceutical industry benefits.


Dr. Hooper returned to Research Natural Medicines 8 years ago. He served as lead investigator at the prestigious Uchee Pines Institute from 2017-2019.


“With natural methods, cancer can be slowed down, then stopped, then reversed.”

Hope Is Everything

The purpose of this website is to share survival hope and give you a plan of action that 400+ cancer victims replicated to become cancer survivors in 2018. We have seen many people survive cancer after conventional treatments failed to work. There are many reasons to have hope of becoming a survivor.


Peggy Sue believed she would survive when conventional doctors didn’t. We didn’t give up hope and die as they suggested. Rather, we found a new doctor. A doctor who was allowed to treat Peggy Sue naturally, a doctor who believed in her as much as we did, and it worked. Click here to See Peggy Sue’s Story…

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