Immunity Therapy Center Is The Name Of The Clinic


We understand your life is on the line and finances are probably limited. We’ve been in these exact shoes 12 years ago. We know what it feels like to want to live and not know if that is going to happen. We are going to do everything we can to help you, and we can honestly say we have seen a lot of people become survivors who their conventional oncologist had given up on. We’ll contact you shortly to answer your specific questions according to your current circumstances and abilities.


What Makes Us Different?


  • Treatment focused center without resort-style prices
  • Tailored treatment program for each individual
  • Combination of treatments offered that help build the immune system
  • Continued follow up support after treatments with weekly online classes



Immunity Therapy Center (ITC) is located in the heart of the business district of Tijuana Mexico, just 10 minutes from the San Diego USA border. The medical director is Dr. Carlos Bautista. We partnered with Immunity Therapy Center because they saved my mom’s life when no one thought it was possible. Throughout the years we have consistently seen ITC save the lives of many others whom their conventional oncologists had given up on.

One of our patient advocates will contact you shortly to discuss your particular needs and situation, treatments available, precise costs of being treated, travel and hotels available.


Clinic Contact Information:

Clinic Name: Immunity Therapy Center (Tijuana Mexico)

Medical Director: Dr. Carlos Bautista

Location: Tijuana, Mexico (just ten minutes from the U.S./Mexico border, and twenty-five minutes from San Diego International Airport)

Cost for 3-Weeks Of Treatments Are: $18,995


What Is Included:

  • Diagnostics and Labs (Blood Chemistry and Blood Count weekly)
  • All therapies
  • Intravenous solution.
  • One X-ray and One Ultrasound
  • 2 meals a day
  • Medications (if needed, please contact us for a list of Out-patient medications included)
  • A follow up consultation with one of our doctors after 3 months of discharge date.
  • Weekly live anti-cancer webinars


Schedule a Risk Free consultation with Immunity Therapy Center Call 1 (760) 424-2151

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